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With a thriving online workforce available on-demand, you can rely on Novare Digital as your digital marketing resource. We can help you complete a one-time project or work with you on an ongoing basis.

Novare Digital has a proven history in building and managing dedicated teams which consistently provide outstanding value and quality. We build advanced teams of project managers, architects and engineers, with dedicated infrastructure: secure isolated office environments, tailor made communication, network and physical security tailored to suit your needs.

We understand all the issues of integrating off-site development activities, from training and familiarization with your products and platforms to communication and feedback. We know how to successfully build and manage high quality, cost-efficient teams and have done so for key players in the industry, typically with fast ramp-up. We have helped many of our customers to build successful Professional Services businesses, increasing their sales and revenue by providing flexible engineering teams which can be ramped up/down according to market needs.


The IT market is awash with all kinds of technologies and solutions. Every project can be realized in any number of ways. Here are some of the questions that every client asks:

  • Is there an out-of-the-box solution that will solve my problems?
  • Is it better to build a solution from scratch or purchase and customize an existing one?
  • Which technology offers a stable and efficient solution that won’t become obsolete overnight?
  • Which solution is both best and cheapest?
  • Will the solution I implement be flexible and modifiable in future?
  • How do I integrate this solution with all the others running in my company? Can some of the existing ones by replaced by centralizing their functions?
  • What are the maintenance costs?

Making the correct decision requires a familiarity with the existing architecture of our Client’s legacy systems as well as their industries and operational specifics and, at the same time, an awareness of the solutions and technologies available on the market.

Our architects always approach their work with an intention to recommend the best possible solution. Their broad experience and familiarity with the technologies and business operations models on the market guarantee that a good decision will be made.

Some of the technologies we use in our daily work:

  • PHP – object-oriented scripting language designed for generating dynamic web pages.
  • SQL— Structured Query Language is used to create and modify databases and to enter and extract data from them. All our applications are created on this basis.
  • CSS – CSS is a tool that has been around for quite a few years and it’s developed into a necessity for almost every web design project in existence. CSS is a scripting language coders use to separate design code from the HTML code. The technique is to use CSS, a separate file altogether, for creating classes and ID’s for div tags and tables. The classes and ID’s are then called using the HTML. This way, you only have to write the design properties one time and then use the styling sheet in your pages to call the design to action.CSS is a fundamental element when building a good website. It has cache power which helps speed up your website and it has the capabilities to create difficult design schemes that are typically more difficult in straight HTML.
  • Java, J2EE – an object oriented programming language developed by a working group led by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. Java is a language created from source programs compiled to bytecode, i.e. applications that can be run on a virtual machine. The language is characterized by strong type. The underlying concepts were taken from Smalltalk (e.g. virtual machine and garbage collection) and C++ (many of the keywords and a lot of the syntax)